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Adopting from an animal shelter/rescue allows you to rehome rescue animals and not support abusive practices. Avoid breeders and puppy mills!



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Forget Pink or Red - Make This Valentine's Day Green!

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Whether celebrating Valentine's, Galentine's or even Anti-Valentine's... Here are a few food and gift ideas to make your day more environmentally friendly:


Go vegan or vegetarian! Save some stress and money by cooking up your own meal. A quick google search will serve you with hundreds of recipes, but we also recommend Minimalist Baker.

For those 21+, look for the organic label or the Rainforest Alliance seal on your pick of wine.

Tip: to set some mood lighting, use soy candles or an oil diffuser with some yummy smelling essential oils!


Everyone loves chocolate, but make sure to buy fair-trade! This article explains why it's important to stick with fair trade chocolate.

Another favorite is pre-arranged cut flowers, but beware that the flower industry is notorious for awful labor conditions. Buy organic/local, or opt for a potted plant that will last longer!

If you're leaning more toward jewelry, buy local and ethical. Support a local jeweler or a product that gives back to charity!

Some of the best and most thoughtful gifts are handmade, so lean toward a zero-waste gift like homemade vegan cookies/treats or homemade skincare, like a bar of soap or body lotion. Top it off with a recycled Valentine, using materials like scrap paper, cardboard, leftover fabric, or pressed flowers.


Ideas gathered from TreeHugger!

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