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With approximately one-fifth of Temple University's greenhouse gas emissions attributed to transportation (i.e. commuters and university sponsored transportation), the way we move about has a great impact on the environment. According to the 2013 Temple Transportation Survey, an estimated 32% of all students, faculty and staff commuters drive alone. The Transportation Recommendations Report, developed by Temple’s Transportation Committee in August 2009, provides recommendations to reduce transportation-related GHG emissions (commuting, air travel and campus vehicle fleets) with principle measures including reducing motorized travel, increasing efficiency of motorized travel, and reducing carbon intensity of fuels for motorized travel.

Parking logo Bike Parking Services

Temple Bike Parking Services offers bicycle permits which allows parking in an assigned area when space is available. To learn more, visit the Office of Parking Services.

Bike Share

Temple’s Main Campus now hosts two stations as part of Philadelphia’s city-owned bicycle-sharing program, Indego. Click to learn more.

Bike Temple Logo Bike Temple

Bike Temple is a university-wide program to promote bicycle use by Temple students, faculty, and staff.  The overall goal of the program is to enable more people to travel on a bike and to do so safely and to build a great bike culture at Temple that supports the University’s commitment to sustainability and reputation for innovative, green programs. Bike Temple hosts a number of educational programs and events throughout the year. Learn more by visiting

Breakaway Bikes logo Breakaway Bikes

Breakaway Bikes offers discounted bicycles, equipment, and repair/maintenance services available on Main Campus at their facility located on 13th Street between Berks Mall and Norris Street. To see discounted bikes and equipment offered, visit their shop or go to

Grass footsteps Carbon Offsets

Think about offsetting greenhouse gas emissions when you travel.  Organizations like allow you to make donations to fund third-party validated offset projects.

Enterprise Car Share Enterprise CarShare

For the Main Campus community, Enterprise Car Share offers a number of cars available on, or within walking distance, of Main Campus. Discounts are available for students and faculty. For more detailed information on locations, available models, and pricing visit their website. There are currently five locations around campus:

  • Broad & Cecil B. Moore (Avenue North parking lot)
  • 10th & Berks
  • 15th & Jefferson (Elmira Jeffries)
  • 18th & Cecil B. Moore
Shuttle Inter Campus Shuttles

Temple University's Facilities Management coordinates free Shuttle Services between Temple University campuses (Main, HSC, Ft. Washington, Ambler and TASB). Every individual boarding the bus must present a valid Temple ID to use this service. The Main Campus Transportation Hub is located at 12th & Polett Walk opposite the food vendors.

Temple Main Campus shuttle Main Campus Shuttles

Facilities also coordinates the Main Campus shuttles (TUr Door and the OWLoop) which provides free door-to-door service from 5:30 PM to 6:00 AM and departs from the Main Campus Transportation Hub at 12th & Polett Walk. For more information visit Office of Facilities Management.

Greyhound bus Private Busing

Private busing in the city of Philadelphia includes but is not limited to Megabus, Bolt Bus, and Greyhound. These private busing companies can provide cheap transportation options home to cities such as New York, Boston, or Washington D.C. Some buses provide services such as wifi and electricity to make your ride that much more enjoyable. Check out their websites for more details on stop locations, routes and times:  Megabus, Bolt Bus, and Greyhound.

Amtrak Train Rail

Amtrak and NJ Transit are ways to get from here to there by rail. Check out their websites for more details on stop locations, routes and times.


From bus to rail, SEPTA makes getting around without a car easy. Use Plan My Trip or Google Transit to get up-to-the-minute directions from one location to another. Click here for more information.

For New Jersey travel options, visit NJ Transit and PATCO.

Temple University SEPTA station Temple University SEPTA Pass

Temple University Pass is a semester-based transit pass sponsored by SEPTA and Temple University which offers discounted transit passes to full time Temple students (almost 10% discount).

WageWorks Logo WageWorks

WageWorks at Temple enables full time employees of Temple University to pay public transportation, vanpool, or parking expenses with pre-tax money.

Here's a simple savings example (assumes 25% tax bracket):

  • Without Wage Works: You make $100 at work. You take home $75 of that $100 after tax. You buy a $25 Septa Pass leaving you with $50.
  • With Wage Works: You make $100 at work. WageWorks purchases a Septa Pass pre-taxes at $25 leaving you with $75. The $75 is taxed leaving you with $56.25 which saves you $6.25!

Click here for more information.

Zipcar Logo Zipcar

For the Main Campus community ZipCar offers a number of cars available on campus and within walking distance of Main Campus. With cars now located on Main campus and discounts designed for the Temple University community, ZipCar couldn't be more convenient. For more detailed information on location, available models, and pricing visit There are currently locations at:

  • Liacouras Garage (4 cars)
  • Sydenham/Jefferson (1 car)

Upcoming Events