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My mind and I : The show must go on

Thursday, October 1, 2015 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Room 217 B HGSC Student Center

Ever felt your mind simultaneously drive you in  multiple directions ? A behind the scenes preview can reveal a twisted combination of simultaneous desires and anxieties that pervade the mind. School, work, relationships, emotions, family, rent …the list can go on. While the show must go on, is there some room for change ? Pressured in all directions, come expand your horizons and explore possibilities for your mind and consciousness.

Join us for an evening of meditation, dinner and discussion with Devamrita Swami. He is a world famous monk, Yale University graduate, author of several books, founder of the Institute of Sustainability and the visionary director of several sustainable farm community in North America, New Zealand and Australia.

About Devamrita Swami: Devamrita Swami is a world-travelling monk of over 40 years. He is a Yale University graduate, and is the author of several books including, Searching for Vedic India, Perfect Escape, Beyond the Barriers of Limited Science, Spiritual Greed, and others. He is renown for his dynamic and inspirational presentations on diverse topics including, “Inner and Outer Ecology”, “You Are What You Eat”, and “Spiritual Solutions for Sustainability”, among others. Through his lectures, he has motivated students and professors at top universities around the world (i.e., Yale, UCLA, Cardiff University, Columbia, University of Toronto, Melbourne University and several others), who are seeking to balance their spiritual and professional life. Devamrita Swami is the founder of the Institute of Sustainability and an advisor on Spiritual Economics to the Russian Chamber of Commerce. He is the director of “Yoga Farms”, a sustainability community that demonstrates the ability to work in harmony with nature and animals as a sustainability example for all.

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