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Stories of Sustainability: Bucha Leather and Sustainable Innovation

Office of Sustainability
Date and Time: 
Thursday, October 1, 2020 - 12:30pm

Welcome to the Stories of Sustainability. This month we are focusing on Sustainability in Fashion, and featuring our second Sustainability Champion: Zimri Himshaw, founder and CEO of Bucha Leather!

This story of sustainability offers Temple community members insight into student entrepreneurs’ real-life experience building a triple bottom business from the ground up and implementing corporate social responsibility principles into their operations.

Bucha Leather provides true alternatives and solutions to the unsustainable leather industry. Through a zero waste product life cycle, the biodegradable material goes right back to the soil as a nutrient rather than taking up space in a landfill. Not to mention its only byproduct is delicious kombucha!

Bucha Leather provides sustainable leather alternatives, 100 percent biodegradable product that is animal-free, with zero plastic additives while having high strength and durability. Hear from Zimri Himshaw, Bucha Leather Chief Executive Officer, more about Bucha Leathers commitment to sustainable production:

  • Environmental Concerns of Leather Industry
  • Sustainable Alternatives to Traditional Leather
  • Bucha Leather Production Process & Journey
  • Sustainable Production Motives and Goals

This event is for every member of our Temple community.

Zimri and his team were awarded the Office of Sustainability’s Green Grant to incubate and launch new low carbon products at the intersection of several emergent sustainable industries.

Register for the Zoom Webinar event here: http://bit.ly/RSVP-BuchaLeather

Questions? Email Shay at shay.strawser@temple.edu.


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