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Stories of Sustainability: Clean Air Council and Green Transportation Policy

Office of Sustainability
Date and Time: 
Friday, September 11, 2020 - 2:00pm

Transportation is a crucial economic sector in our fight for climate justice. Today, transportation associated problems extend to not only mobile source air pollution and its health effects, but also fossil fuel consumption, greenhouse gas reduction, land use impacts and sprawl.  

Green transportation solutions require fair and equitable policy and Clean Air Council builds and shapes coalitions and administers several programs to do just that. Hear from Will Fraser, Clean Air Council Outreach Coordinator, more about the sustainable transportation work of the Council including:

  • Cleaner Commute programs
  • Pedestrian advocacy efforts of Feet First Philly
  • GoPhillyGo: Online Mapping Tool
  • Multi-use trail promotion and protection

This event is for every member of our Temple community. Uncover the connections to our own Climate Action Plan's transportation goals as you look to green your commute and travel around the city. As a new or returning student, you will learn more about how to get around Philly safely and sustainably without a private motor car -- enjoying trails and making good use of our public transit and multi-modal options.

This session will also feature new opportunities for community outreach and transportation advocacy locally as The Office of Sustainability launches a new partnership with the Clean Air Council -- a Walk Audit Certification series for Temple student leaders.

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