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Temple became a signatory of the Presidents Climate Commitment in 2008 and again in 2016.

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Tree Checkers & Urban Forest Cloud Training

Thursday, June 20, 2019 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm
PHS Tree Tenders, U.S. Forest Service Philadelphia Field Station
Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (100 N 20th St, Phila, 19103)

You can become a citizen scientist and help Tree Tenders reach the goal of collecting health and stewardship data on over 900 trees this summer!

Attend this free workshop with PHS Tree Tenders and the U.S. Forest Service Philadelphia Field Station to learn the basics of tree monitoring.  The first half will focus on data collection and homeowner engagement methods to track and promote the health and stewardship of new trees. During the second half (encouraged, but not required), you can learn how to use the PHS Urban Forest Cloud online tree tool to record Tree Checkers data and collect tree photos. 

Participants will get a free safety vest and tape measure. No prior tree experience required.

Tree Checkers will:

  • Evaluate and report on key tree health and stewardship variables for new trees using a paper worksheet or mobile device
  • Talk with property owner and/or leave a PHS Tree Checker report card with specific information on the tree's health and care
  • Optionally, prune dead/broken branches, weed, remove trash, and aerate the soil to improve tree health

We will connect you with a Philadelphia Tree Tenders group, where you can use your new skills this summer checking on newly planted trees in the Philadelphia.  

RSVP for this free training.

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