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Emily Cornuet

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Job Title: 
Waste Minimization Coordinator (Graduate Student)

Emily Cornuet is a graduate student in Fox School of Business' Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship department. She currently collects data on the university's recycling habits, writes recycling reports, promotes recycling education throughout campus and runs recycling events like Recyclemania. She also frequents the Rad Dish Co-Op Cafe (located in Ritter Hall; great veggie options!!) to check inventory and close out the register at the end of the day. 

Receiving her undergraduate degree from Tyler School of Art in Sculpture, Cornuet's background is in metalworking, performance and community art. She is looking to start an etsy store to sell some of her design work using laser cutting technology. She also works part time in Temple University's Digital Scholarship Center where she has been researching how humans are becoming cyborgs and what fashion will be like in the future. When she is not working, Cornuet enjoys to make organic juice with her husband.


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