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Alternative Materials

School and Department: 
  • Art, Tyler School of
  • Crafts
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This course involves the exploration of alternative materials not primarily intended or used by fiber artists. Products such as Tyvek, rubber, adhesives, found and recycled materials will be combined with processes such as collage, layering, stitching, and heating.This is a course open for enrollment to majors and non-majors from sophomore to graduate level. The exploration of alternative materials will be used in conjunction with other media and unconventional methods of joining to create a strong, sculptural surface. Technical demonstrations, field trips, and conceptual problems with an emphasis on the process of collecting will be used as a basis for the creation of unconventional work. Students will be encouraged to experiment with these materials and processes in combination with media from other disciplines. Students will create work based on a personal direction discovered through the course. Areas of focus for study include two and three dimensional forms, functional and nonfunctional constructions