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Environmental Law, Sustainability and Public Policy

School and Department: 
  • Business & Management, Fox School of
  • Legal Studies in Business
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Few things have peaked the public's interest more recently than going "green" or being environmentally friendly. This, however, is not a new concept and has been the subject of a number of rules and regulations over the years that fall within the ambit of environmental law. This segment of the law is influenced by such principles as sustainability, ecology, conservation, stewardship and responsibility. This course provides an overview of this growing body of law concerned with the interrelationships between human activities and the larger environment over a sustained period of time. It addresses the management of environmental issues as practiced in today's business world with an eye towards safeguarding the world for the future, and how approaches are likely to develop for the future; government regulations and rationales for environmental protection; risk assessment and priorities; the attributes of government policies; choice of policy instruments for environmental protection; the roles of different branches and levels of government, and of non-governmental actors; as well as the interplay of scientific, economic, social and other factors in development and consequences of environmental law. These topics are analyzed in the contexts of common law and statutory law schemes for air, water, hazardous waste and toxics, resource use, biodiversity and ecosystems. The focus of the course will be on the U.S. legal system, with some illustrations from foreign, international and global contexts.