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Tropical Marine Biology

School and Department: 
  • Science and Technology, College of
  • Biology
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A survey of marine biology focusing on coral reefs of the Atlantic Ocean. Course lectures given at Temple University include regular meetings during the fall semester plus some meetings between semesters during December and January. The course work at Temple is supplemented by a required week of lectures, field trips and field projects on Ambergris Caye in Belize (Central America). Lecture topics include coral biology, reef geology and ecology, coral reef biota, food webs and nutrient transfer in coral reefs, reef community organization, the biology of reef fishes, commensal and symbiotic interactions of reef organisms, and other appropriate topics. Group projects and presentations are required. Additional requirements include a current passport and snorkeling equipment. Note: Requires fall plus inter-session attendance, including air travel to a foreign country between fall and spring semesters. Room, board, and boat use in Belize are covered by the course fee; air transportation to Belize is not included. The course web site survey or an application available from the instructor must be completed prior to registration.

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