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Database Creation and Archiving for Gheel House

School & Deparment: 
  • Environmental Design, School of
  • Landscape Architecture and Horticulture
Start Date: 
Lead Investigators: 
Christopher Sohnly
Other Researchers: 
Faculty Advisors: 
Eva Monheim
Funding Source: 

Project Abstract:

This project builds upon the analyses and inventory of the Gheel House site conducted as a Diamond Research Scholar in the summer of 2014. Gheel House is a long-term residential facility for individuals with persistent mental illness, particularly schizophrenia. With the support of a CARAS Project Grant, I intend to expand upon and integrate primary data collected from summer floral surveys of the site into an Excel spreadsheet developed during the Gheel House project. I will conduct additional research to ensure the information is complete and accurate to provide greater context to the site.

The CARAS Project Grant will also allow me to evaluate and archive the data that has been collected. Another goal would be to collaborate with the Chester County Library, the county parks, and Temple Library systems to archive the data and make it available for the public and other researcher to utilize for restoration and environmental purposes.

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