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Evaluation of Signage and Increased Recycling Rates: A Residential Hall Case Study

School & Deparment: 
  • Liberal Arts, College of
Start Date: 
Lead Investigators: 
Darion Porter
Other Researchers: 
Faculty Advisors: 
Funding Source: 
Office of Sustainability

Abstract Temple University is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with an on-campus student residential population of 5,495 students as of 2015. This number is only expected to grow as the university continues to expand. Implementing successful and efficient recycling plans for university buildings, including residential buildings, is an important step toward waste minimization. This case study looks at the effect of signage on recycling rates within one residential hall on Main Campus, Johnson and Hardwick Hall. Data was collected on the weights of trash and recyclables generated using Hardwick as a control building and Johnson as a variable building. The results were examined to see if signage had any measurable impact on recycling rates. This report also recommends future studies and strategies aimed at making the existing recycling program more successful.

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