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Green Tip

Unplugging your devices, lowering your heat, and smartly disposing of waste are a few ways to leave for break on sustainable note!



Green Campus Tour

Guided maps of sustainability initiatives at Temple University

Climate Action Plan

Temple became a signatory of the Presidents Climate Commitment in 2008 and again in 2016.

Annual Report

Find out about Temple’s progress toward a more sustainable future by reviewing our Annual Report

Eco-Friendly Camping

Eco-friendly camping (no, it’s not redundant)
Summer is winding down, but there’s still time for outdoor adventures! One might wonder how camping could be any more “green,” however, hikers and campers can have a bigger impact than they intend. Here are some tips to make sure your trip is fun and safe for you, your friends, and nature.

  • Stay close to home: If you’re looking to travel a little farther than Fairmount, head to nearby gems like Jim Thorpe, French Creek State Park, or Ridley Creek State Park.  Staying close by is both economically and environmentally sustainable!
  • Stay on the trail: Though you may be tempted to go your own way, trails are marked for a reason. Wandering off the trail can destroy delicate native plant life and cause soil erosion.
  • Pick the right campsite: Though the grassy lakeside may be the most scenic spot on your trip, try to hunt for a camp spot that is on gravel or stone so as to minimize your impact on the land.
  • Don’t abandon the eco-friendly practices you have at home: Bring reusable plates and utensils for meal times, and consider biodegradable cleaning and care products. Remember to dispose of your waste water near dry land and vegetation – not streams or lakes!
  • Don’t play with fire: Check up on and respect burn bans during forest fire season. Buy firewood in the area you plan to burn it in. Much like the dirt in your boots, wood from foreign locations can introduce pests and invasive species.
  • Leave no trace: Do your part to respect the beauty around you and ensure that many people get to enjoy it in the future!

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