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Buying local and composting scraps are just a few of our tips for a green Thanksgiving



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How to Have a Green Thanksgiving

Delicious seasonal veggies!


Let's start with the turkey. Almost all mass-produced turkeys in America are raised in poor, unhealthy conditions, which is why we suggest buying organic! Or, even better, go vegetarian for Thanksgiving. There are plenty of meatless alternatives to turkey. Just a quick pinterest search will result in hundreds of delicious recipes, but here are some ideas we found on Gourmet.

As for the vegetables, buy from your local farmers' market! You may think that farmers' markets only exist in the summertime, but there are plenty that stay open all year round.

And, yes, you can even green your drinks. Opt for drinks that are made with sustainable energy and organic ingredients. Check out this green wine guide.

While we do suggest preparing less food to reduce your food waste, we also recommend bringing reusable containers to friends' and family's houses for any leftovers. And for those kitchen scraps, one word: compost!



Use the nice utensils and napkins! Paper towels and plastic forks make for easy cleanup, but tons of unnecessary waste.

Avoid a tacky, petroleum-based plastic pumpkin for your centerpiece. Decorate with nature! Fill clear vases and jars with pine cones and leaves, or anything else you can find outdoors. Reuse wine corks by cutting a slit in the middle for a unique place card holder.



Reduce your carbon footprint by staying close to home. If that is not possible, opt for public transit (like the train) or carpooling. By avoiding driving, you help the environment and are less at danger - Thanksgiving is the holiday with the highest number of drunk driving fatalaties.


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