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Green Tip

Unplugging your devices, lowering your heat, and smartly disposing of waste are a few ways to leave for break on sustainable note!



Green Campus Tour

Guided maps of sustainability initiatives at Temple University

Climate Action Plan

Temple became a signatory of the Presidents Climate Commitment in 2008 and again in 2016.

Annual Report

Find out about Temple’s progress toward a more sustainable future by reviewing our Annual Report

Towards A Sustainable Summer

Read on for some of the ways you can live a greener summer!

1. Keeping Cool
Summer can be hot and humid, but on days that it is relatively mild consider leaving the AC off and opening your windows! Using ceiling fans or other energy-efficient fans can significantly cool the room down. Make sure to only use fans if someone is in the room, and you’ll reduce your impact and save on the electric bill!  If the weather is unbearable set the thermostat at ~78 degrees—the  system will not use as much energy and will reduce the humidity to make it feel cooler. Some additional tips include closing the blinds when the sun is shining directly into the windows, and keeping the thermostat set even higher when no one is home.
2. Travel 
Going on a vacation? Camping? Fun evening out? Consider  opting for alternative transportation such as SEPTA subways, trains and/or buses! Not to mention, you can take advantage of the newly launched Indego Bike Share in Philadelphia with over 60 stations, or ride your own bike. If you are venturing out of the city or your town, spread the environmental impact out by carpooling or opting for a bus or train service if available! 
3. Staying Hydrated
It is important to drink plenty of water, especially during the hot summer months. Keep your own reusable water bottle handy when you are exploring this summer. Fill your bottle before a fun day out, and it will be there when you most need it. Avoid the negative impact and cost of single-use plastic water bottles!
4. Food
Summer in the Tri-State Region is a great time for local produce harvest—shop at your local farmers market for a wide variety of summer eats. Consider growing some of your own veggies and go even more local! Prepare a delicious garden salad with fresh vegetables for those BBQ's and spur-of-the-moment picnics.