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Solar Powered Golf Cart

Solar powered golf cart
School & Deparment: 
  • Art, Tyler School of
Start Date: 
Lead Investigators: 
Shane Horan
Other Researchers: 
Austin Diaz
Alif Edwards
Bradely Burchett
Faculty Advisors: 
Shriram Pillapakkam
Funding Source: 
Undergraduate Research Incentive Fund (URIF) / Office of Sustainability

The objectives of the Solar Powered Golf project were partially based off the suggestion made by the previous project, the Hybrid Electric Vehicle, and some of our own ideas. Suggestions made by the previous project were to install a regenerative braking system, ac power cord, and an automatic switch from gas to electric power. Installation of the regenerative braking system was determined not to be practical for our project. However, we came to the conclusion that installing an ac power cord and an automatic switch from gas to electric were both feasible and significant to our project. To further improve the efficiency of the golf cart we decided to install a solar panel. Our next idea was to make the vehicle purely electric; this move also improves the vehicle efficiency and completely eliminate all emissions. To increase the energy storage capacity of the vehicle, the I.C. engine will be removed to create more space for additional energy storage devices. To achieve these objectives, there will be numerous amounts of subsidiary task involved.