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Using Periscopes to Enhance the Ambler Campus Green Roof

Green roof
School & Deparment: 
  • Art, Tyler School of
Start Date: 
Lead Investigators: 
Rebecca Kagle
Other Researchers: 
Timothy Garrett
Faculty Advisors: 
Lolly Tai
Funding Source: 
Undergraduate Research Incentive Fund (URIF) / Office of Sustainability

With financial support from the Undergraduate Research Incentive Fund (URIF), we intend to contribute to University efforts to expose students and the greater public to the benefits of green roof technology as a sustainable practice. Green roofs have been shown to mitigate the urban heat-island effect, provide wildlife habitat, remove air pollution, and reduce stormwater runoff (Del Barrio 1998  Moran 2005  Kohler 2006).  Research has shown however, that public perception of green roofs ranges from a complete lack of awareness to ambivalence or even negativity, mostly due to aesthetics (Smith and Boyer 200  Yuen and Hein 2005).  To improve this public perception and understanding, we aim to increase accessibility to the PECO Green Roof at the Ambler Intercollegiate Field House. With funding from URIF, we specifically propose to build and install interpretative signage as well as two periscopes on the PECO Green Roof site. The periscopes will allow users to get an actual view of a working green roof while keeping their feet on the ground  while interpretive signs will contribute to the viewers understanding of the benefits and mechanisms behind the practice. Our effort will play an important roll in the ongoing work to improve and maximize the use of Temple Universitys green roof site. With the addition of these interactive tools, the PECO Green Roof will become a destination for the university and local communities serving as a catalyst for change in perception about this exciting technology.