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Water and Environmental Technology Center (WET)

Lead Investigators: 
Rominder Suri
School & Deparment: 
  • Engineering, College of
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering
Start Date: 
Funding Source: 

A grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) will help Temple University’s Water and Environmental Technology (WET) Center in its efforts to establish Greater Philadelphia as a hub for the development and commercialization of water treatment technologies. The two-year, $1 million Accelerating Innovation Research (AIR) grant will allow the center to establish a Water Technology Innovation Ecosystem to bring water treatment innovations from the laboratory to the marketplace.

Water is widely considered as the most important threatened resource for the next several decades. Severely limited water supplies result in utilization of source waters with poor qualities. In the National Science Foundation Water and Environmental Technology (NSF WET Center) the environmental technologies are applied in innovative ways to treat water and wastewater for potential reuse. The development of treatment technology includes not only the use of engineering methods and systems but also the assessment of the environmental impact of proposed solution by Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tools.

For more information visit WET Center website at: http://wet.temple.edu/ or contact Dr. Rominder Suri, Director WET Center, at rsuri@temple.edu.

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