Bike Temple is a university-wide program that promotes resources and access to a zero-emission mode of transportation.

Our primary goals include enabling more people to travel on bike, promoting safety and awareness, and building a supportive and sustainable bike culture for our students, faculty, and staff.

There are countless resources available to students, faculty and staff that are interested in biking.  We hope you learn something new and are inspired to get on a bicycle after you peruse the sections below.

Bicycle Racks and Secure Bicycle Parking

Temple University boasts more than 2,000 bicycle parking spaces.

In addition to outdoor bicycle parking, there are two options for fully covered, locked bicycle parking on Main Campus.

  1. Engineering Building: There is fully covered, locked bicycle parking located behind the Engineering Building available to staff, faculty and students for $10 a semester.  To gain access, you must go to the Parking Services Office located in the Montgomery Garage and make a payment. Once you do, you will be able to access the bicycle locker with your TU ID.
  2. Residence Halls:  All residence halls have an in-door bicycle storage room for student resident use. 
Picture of the locked bicycle parking structure located on the north side of the Engineering Building.
Locked bicycle parking located on the north side of the Engineering Building.

Free U-Lock Program

Every semester, Campus Safety provides a free U-lock to the first 500 students to register their bicycles with the Temple Police. The U-Lock will be given when you bring your bike to a Campus Safety location for inspection by an officer.

Register your Bicycle with Campus Safety

Students, staff and faculty can register their bicycles online using Campus Safety's Bike Registration Form. Just complete and submit the online form, and then visit one of the following Campus Safety locations:

  • Main Headquarters: 1101 W. Montgomery Avenue
  • Center Station: Beasely and Pollett Walks
  • Morgan Hall Mini-Station: 1600 N. Park Avenue

At one of these locations, an officer will inspect your bike and place a sticker to the frame that corresponds to your file in the police database. This way, if your bicycle ever turns up without you on it, the police will be able to get in contact with you to return it. The information is also shared with the Philadelphia Police Department, in case your bike is found outside of the campus area.

Temple Campus Safety standing with bicycles
Temple Campus Safety

Secondhand Bicycle Sales

Started in 2014, Secondhand Cycles is Bike Temple's bicycle surplus program.

Rather than watching the abandoned bicycles on campus be hauled off for scrap, the Secondhand Cycles program sorts through the bicycles to see which ones can be repaired to rideable condition once again.

These bicycles are then sold back to students for $100 or less at several sales events throughout the year.

Bicycles are only sold during planned events. Announcements of all Temple Secondhand Cycles sales are sent out by email via social media and hour monthly newsletter.

Temple student standing with a yellow bike that she just purchased at the Secondhand bike sale.
Secondhand Bike Sale

Here are a few things to remember about purchasing through Secondhand Cycles:

  • Only current Temple students are eligible to purchase from Secondhand Cycles. This offer does not extend to faculty, staff or alumni
  • All bicycles are sold "as-is"
  • Bicycles are sold on a first-come, first-served basis until supplies are exhausted
  • Transactions must be completed using Diamond Dollars. You can check your balance or add to your account at Secondhand Cycles cannot under any circumstances accept cash, credit, checks, or money orders.

More about the program:

Throughout the year, Campus Safety collects, removes and stores bicycles that have been locked illegally to ADA handrails, fire exits, and other important points of access. If a bicycle is registered through the TUPD's bike registration program, then the owner is contacted and reunited with their bicycle. Unregistered bicycles are tagged and held for 30 days.

Additionally, the Grounds Department monitors bicycles that are left on campus. Once a bicycle has been identified as "abandoned", usually through the occurrence of piece-by-piece theft, the bicycle is removed and held for a period of 30 days.

If the bicycles collected remain unclaimed after this period, they are released to the Office of Sustainability for use in the Secondhand Cycles program. These bicycles are then repaired and sold to Temple students at designated sales events through the year.