Temple is committed to Climate Action!


Temple Carbon Emission Performance

In 2019, Temple embarked on a new chapter in its climate leadership - updating its Climate Action Plan with a clear path to carbon neutrality and strategies for building a more resilient university. It is a framework for advancing a holistic approach to sustainability and resilience. It sets forth measureable goals with defined timeframes, university-wide standards, and guiding principles for action.

Our goals are divided into five topics. Discover more about our progress and supporting projects in the chapters below.

Academics & Research

Academics & Research goals focus on three sub-groups that support ways that shape a sustainable and resilient future through its curriculum, co-curricular offerings, and support for climate -related research.

Progress to goals can be found here.


Culture goals focus on strategic partnerships, leadership development, and interdisciplinary collaborations that will help to foster a sustainable campus culture.

Progress to goals can be found here.


The majority of Temple's greenhouse gas emissions are attributed to its built environment.  Design goals focus on mitigating the impacts of our buildings through efficient and sustainable design.

Progress to goals can be found here.


Energy goals focus on reducing energy demand and cleaning the university's energy sources.

Progress to goals can be found here.


Operations goals focus on advancing sustainable and resilient operations across individual, departmental, school and college, and institutional systems.

Progress to goals can be found here.