Take action to decarbonize your life - earn your Green Living Certification!

The Office of Sustainability’s Green Living Certification program is for students interested in connecting how we live and what we buy with climate action.

There are two ways students can participate in the program – join a Green Living Cohort or complete a Self-Guided Green Living assessment. Regardless of which option you choose, the Green Living Certification program will help you to think critically about your impact and inspire strategies to decarbonize your life.

Read on to learn more about both options and decide which one is best for you.

Green Living Cohort

Each Fall Semester, the Office of Sustainability hosts an eight-week interactive challenge to push you to the highest level of sustainable living in seven different focus areas: energy, water, food and dining, purchasing, zero waste, involvement, and innovation.  

Work directly with the Office of Sustainability’s Green Living EcoLeads for real-time coaching and feedback. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet weekly with eco-minded peers to share best practices and build sustainable community.

Throughout the certification process, you’ll get tools and resources to celebrate your successes and identify pathways to transform your behavior and your living space to maximize personal growth and minimize ecological impact. You can even win sustainable prizes and credit through our leadership development program, EcoReps.

Sign-ups for Fall 2021 Green Living Cohort are due September 20!  

Self-Guided Green Living

The self-guided Green Living option is best for students that want to take action to decarbonize their life but are unable to commit to a Green Living Cohort.  Through this process you’ll take a Green Living Assessment to document your successes. Each action you take earns you more points towards the different levels of certification.

Follow the steps below to complete the Self-Guided Green Living program and earn Green Living Certification!

FIRST: Complete the assessment, either online or via PDF. If you use the PDF please email it to sustainability@temple.edu.

SECOND: Then one of the Office of Sustainability’s Green Living EcoLeads will reach out to set up a time to review and verify your checklist.

THIRD: Based on the review you’ll be awarded a Green Living Certification level.