Temple University takes pride in its vibrant, sustainable campuses.

Temple University is home to many sustainable features; from our buildings and landscapes, to everything in between.

Our mission is to educate the Temple community about our sustainable investments and to set a positive example of forward thinking environmental stewardship. Additionally, we view Temple campuses as a living laboratory to inspire the next generation of climate leaders. 
We invite you to explore our campus maps below and learn more about how you can participate in cultivating a sustainable campus culture.

Sustainable Infrastructure and Operations

Temple University has made a commitment to investment in infrastructure that promotes a low carbon lifestyle and ensures efficient campus operations. 
Investments in sustainable infrastructure support the needs of our diverse campus communities. We invite you to explore the unique, climate conscious investments on Temple University campuses.

Tree Maps

Temple University campuses provide ecological and human centered benefits. Investment in our green spaces yield environmental, financial, and societal benefits.

Trees are an important strategy to address urban heat island and reduce electricity demand by helping to keep buildings and their surroundings cooler. Temple University's continued investment in trees is one way we are preparing for long-term trends of higher temperatures in our region. 

The maps below illustrate Temple's commitment to maintaining a robust and diverse tree population on our campuses. 

LEED Buildings

Since 2010, Temple has committed to meeting or exceeding LEED silver certification for all new construction and major renovation projects. Project case studies and LEED scorecards can be found below.
Projects that pursued Green Building Education LEED points in the Innovation and Design category will include a Green Building Education Self-Guided Tour at the end of the case study.

1810 Liacouras Walk
Architecture Building
Aramark Student Training and Recreation Complex (ASTAR)
Charles Library
Morgan Hall
Montgomery Garage
Medical Education Research Building
Science Education and Research Center (SERC)
Wachman Hall